Welcome to CrossFit Knurling! Before we get started, let’s first dispel a few common misconceptions about CrossFit, and address some of the concerns we hear from people who are nervous about trying CrossFit for the first time.

“I’m not in shape enough to do CrossFit”.

False. The effectiveness of CrossFit is rooted in its scalability, which means everyone, regardless of their current level of fitness or physical limitations, can participate. Each of our coaches is experienced working with diverse populations, including children, the elderly, and adaptive athletes. Everyone starts somewhere and we firmly believe that CrossFit can be for everyone.

“I’m too busy to do CrossFit”.

Guess again. We have an expansive offering of conveniently-scheduled classes throughout the week. Each hour-long class is led by one of our expert coaches, who are conscientious of your busy schedule, and will ensure you get the most effective workout possible, as quickly as possible. We also have showers on-site, so you can freshen up before work if needed!

“I’m too intimidated by CrossFit”.

That’s understandable. Maybe you’ve heard a few horror stories, or your Facebook feed has been recently dominated by the seemingly crazy physical exploits of your friends who just started doing CrossFit, and can’t stop talking about their “box”, or the performances of some athletes you’ve never heard of at competitions you didn’t know existed. It can seem a little overwhelming at first. Here, at Black Iron Gym and CrossFit Knurling, we understand your reservations, because we all shared them to some extent when we first started (after all, we were all “newbies” once). Our staff is sensitive to your concerns as a newcomer, and our members are some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever encounter. We’re confident that we can make your first CrossFit experience an enjoyable (and effective) one.

Call, email, or stop by the gym in person to set up your initial consultation. Upon joining, you will receive 6 private sessions with one of our experienced coaches in order to get you comfortable with CrossFit. We ensure that you will feel 100% comfortable joining the class setting after completing your private sessions.