Olympic Weightlifting is a sport comprised of two contested lifts: the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. The Snatch is the fastest movement in sports, where in less than second a barbell is taken from floor to overhead in one continuous motion. The Clean and Jerk is taken first to the shoulders, then pressed overhead. The weights that Olympic-caliber OL athletes are capable of using in these two lifts, especially when the stature of the smaller athletes is considered, is sometimes hard to fathom. In addition to strength, weightlifting is a sport that demands speed, timing, and balance. These qualities are essential to athletes and non-athletes alike, and are developed with consistent practice and repetition. Under the watchful eyes of our talented, USAW-certified coaches, you can be assured that, from the outset, you’ll be practicing the correct positions, ensuring the highest quality of each repetition, and dramatically shortening the learning curve for a sport that can at times be as frustrating as it is rewarding. Our coaches, while using a common coaching philosophy, each arrived at that philosophy from very different points of view. The breadth and diversity of their backgrounds, combined with their coaching experience, equip them with a unique ability to communicate complex concepts with a range of athletes in simple, relatable ways.

Black Iron Barbell is currently held every Tuesday & Wednesday at 5:30pm, and is coached by American Record Holder, Quiana Welch. Ideal for beginners, all skill levels welcome.